- Feed the walking mouths a tasty treat!

- Objects will come from the conveyor belt and launch out of the CANNON.

- Use W / A or Arrow Keys to change direction of CANNON.

- Feed hungry mouths food to get CASH, but avoid feeding them trash or you will get a STRIKE!

- 3 STRIKES and you're out.

- Deposit trash in the bins at the back.
- Trashing fruit will cost you MONEY

- Trade deposited trash to remove STRIKES and upgrade the CANNON.

This game was created for the GMTK Game Jam 2020. The game fits the theme of "Out of Control" because players are given the task to feed the walking mouths with an out of control Cannon that is given an assortment of items to fire at an ever increasing speed.  


Trash Mouth - PC Build.zip 25 MB


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Fun game! Not too easy and funny art.

Just one question... isn't it normal to eat bricks? :O

Found that weird too. They're literally called 'baked stones' in Dutch

Fun and kinda silly. I liked it